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A New Online Tool, Iknowwhatyoudownload.com, Helps to Monitor Torrents

A New Online Tool, Iknowwhatyoudownload.com, Helps to Monitor Torrents

A new website, Iknowwhatyoudownload.com helps individuals and organisations to track what other people are downloading for 24 hours secretly. According to the Marketing Director of the new tool, Andrey Rogov, the new website has been set up for demonstration purposes and the benefit of copyright holders and other parties involved in online piracy.

The new tool works by analysing the IP address, a unique address that defines the connection of individuals to the internet.

According to instructions provided on the website, the tool works in a rather simple manner. Once you would like to monitor what a person is downloading, you will have to send the person a fake link. The fake link is generated by the site and is meant to act as bait to your target.

The website recommends that you use a link that appears to connect to popular sites such as common social media sites or news websites, that your target is likely to believe that they are authentic.

Once your target clicks on the fake link, the tool automatically records the IP address of the device that your target is using and starts to monitor the activity of the IP address on standard torrenting sites. The tool is then able to record all the files that the IP address accesses from torrenting sites for 24 hours.

However, there is concern about the nature of the tool and how it compromises the privacy of individuals. Of great concern is the fact that the tool dupes individuals and then goes ahead to secretly spy on their online activities.

However, the company behind the website has been categorical that the tool can be used for noble purposes. For example, Mr Rogov has pointed out that,

‘We share all the information about illegal online piracy with copyright holders and other parties who are involved in this.’

He also added that the tool could be used to help individuals successfully monitor content that has been unlawfully uploaded on the internet and remove it. A case in point, according to Rogov, is that of a girl who was caught in a web of revenge porn after her jilted lover went ahead and posted her sex videos online. Rogov says that the online tool helped the girl to successfully remove the video from all online platforms that it was appearing on.

However, the new tool is yet to develop the capability to overcome the IP address hiding ability of tools such as VPN and Smart DNS.

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