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An Unknown Hacker Steals 700k User Accounts from PakWheels

An Unknown Hacker Steals 700k User Accounts from PakWheels

An anonymous hacker has managed to breach the security features of PakWheels, a common automotive website in Pakistan, and make away with data of about 700 registered users of the account. Reports by LeakedSource, a site that reports all sites that have been breached, indicates that the PakWheels breach occurred back in October 2016. The report adds that the hackers apparently took advantage of a widely known vulnerability in the vBulletin software.

It remains unclear who the hacker is and what motivated the hacker to carry out the attack. However, while confirming the incident, PakWheels sent out email messages to its users informing them that a third party has managed to breach the security systems of the site and access personal information.

Interestingly, the website could not disclose the number of users who have been affected by the hack. Also, the firm could not disclose the type of personal information that the hackers had managed to access. However, credible insider reports indicate that the hackers managed to access the names and email addresses of the registered users of the website.

PakWheels is one of the most popular websites in Pakistan, according to Alexa. The website, which was started back in 2003, provides a wide range of information to car enthusiasts in the country. It also provides a popular platform for buying and selling motor vehicles in the country.

Following the PakWheels hack, which was executed on the basis of the known vulnerabilities in vBulletin software, it is highly likely that questions shall be raised about the safety of websites that use the software. In the recent past, some major hackings have exploited the vulnerabilities that are found in this software. Back in June 2015, hackers breached the security features of Clash of Kings forum and made away with personal details of 1.6 million users of the forum.

Later in August 2015, the fan forum of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) was hacked and the personal data of more than 200,000 users stolen in the process. As it was the case with the Clash of Kings hacking, the GTA forum hack exploited the known vulnerabilities in vBulletin.

It remains unclear how fast PakWheels is going to address the current crisis. However, the website has advised its clients to change their passwords and login details. Users are also asked to change the passwords that they use for their Facebook accounts that are linked to their PakWheels accounts.

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