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Anonymous has Raised their Voice Against Saudi Govt

Anonymous has Raised their Voice Against Saudi Govt

Saudi Arabia is well known for strict rules against Activists and Pro-Democracy supporters. In the last few decades, a lot of people were executed in Saudi Arabia for reasons which cannot be considered as “most serious crimes”. According to international laws, there are very few hideous crimes on which a country can impose the death penalty, but the Saudi Govt has imposed it on some petty crimes too.

The well-known hacker activist group Anonymous and @OperationNimr have raised their voice against Saudi Govt after they passed an order of execution South Arabian youth. On 2 Jan 2016, they executed and crucified 47 people. Most of them were prominent Arab Spring Activists and pro-democracy activists.

The rules and regulations in Saudi Arabia are very barbaric and they often impose strict punishments for small crimes justifying them with the teaching of Islam. Even after a lot of outcry from activists and Human Rights groups, they are not backing out.

To put pressure on the government, Anonymous and @OperationNimr have called the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to keep out Saudi Arabia from the summer Olympic games.

In the past, Anonymous has raised a voice against execution orders passed by Saudi officials. In 2012, they hacked a lot of the official websites to raise awareness against the death sentence imposed on the then-17-year-old teenager, Mohammed al-Nimr. A Saudi court judgement noted that Nimr had “encouraged pro-democracy protests which are a “crime” in the country.

Saudi Arabia is known as one of the most prolific executioners in the world. So much so, they have issued public ads of hiring “hangmen” in the past. The latest action of Hacktivists has brought death penalties imposed by the country under world’s scanner.

It is raising a lot of concerned voices to remove death penalty on petty crimes from their law books. Though it is not clear if Saudi Govt is listening to the voices, at least, there should be some impact.

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