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Avira launches new Phantom VPN for Android and Windows platform

Avira launches new Phantom VPN for Android and Windows platform

Avira, the company known for creating one of the most popular antivirus software, Avira AntiVirus, has launched a new phantom Virtual Private Network. The VPN is mainly for Android and Windows Users but it shows the commitment the company has in keeping the people’s online privacy safe at all times.

In accordance with most of what it does, Avira has decided to venture into VPNs. The company launched the Avira Phantom VPN, which is primarily for Android and Windows users. It allows these two operating system users a completely safe and secure, highly encrypted and anonymous access to the Internet especially if connected through an unsecured public WiFi hotspot.

Avira’s unique selling point of their Phantom VPN is that hackers, cyber criminals and any malicious actors can not listen to any of your private conversations or steal any of your data. This is due to the encryption of virtually all communications between Android smartphone and the Windows computer.

As with any VPN, Phantom VPN gives users a new IP address enabling them to browse anonymously. They also however have the added advantage of choosing the country they want to log in from allowing them to circumvent any geo block restrictions on any of the content or websites they want to access.

Registered and unregistered users alike the Phantom VPN service is available for free for all. It is easily downloadable from the Android App Store and the Windows App Store also. As long as you have the Android and Windows platform. For the Android platform it is available for devices with running version 4.0.3 and anything higher while for Windows it is available for Windows 7 and above.

“As more people bring their laptops into cafes and log into banking sites and online accounts from their smartphones, they risk exposing themselves online,” stated Melanie Weber, head of the VPN project at Avira. “We’ve made Phantom VPN free and very simple to install on both your Windows and your Android devices. There’s no reason not to get it today.”

Unregistered users however get only a maximum of 500 MB while registered users get at most 1 GB limit. To get more and unlimited data traffic, users would have to go a little step further and upgrade to the Phantom VPN PRO Version.

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