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Top Lifetime VPN Offers


FindVPN is pleased to offer a Lifetime VPN account from one of the following top VPN vendors. They are not new on the VPN market and are proven and reliable VPN providers by multiple tests. Here is the list of top Lifetime VPN offers VPNLand Lifetime VPN Offer There’s no time like …

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5 best VPN services December 2016


ExpressVPN This VPN service is a great choice for anyone looking for a solid network with impressive features and all-round high quality. They offer a network which is SSL secured with 256-bit encryption and you can choose a location between 78 countries for now, including Sweden, Canada, United States, Hong …

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The Truth about Lifetime VPN Offers


In this post we are going to lit some light on economics of Lifetime VPN offers and help you to find real length of Lifetime VPN accounts. Most of us are familiar with VPN technology and VPN is becoming a necessity when we browse Internet from unknown places, when travel …

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Four Principles of a Secure System

Principles of a Secure System

What we mean when we refer to the term “security” is a function of the perspective and context of usage. For the ordinary person, security simply means that data does not get into the wrong hands. For a security expert, it would be something more complex than that. Nevertheless, four …

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Ten Reasons to use VPN

VPN image

10 Reasons to use VPN   VPN (Virtual Private network) arose as a result of the demand to make the transmission of data safe. Our data is transmitted over a wide area of network like the Internet so it needs to be secure. Here are 10 reasons to use VPN: …

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Security Analysis of Top VPN Providers

Man in the Middle

In this article we (FindVPN.com team) would like to tell the study which was focused on security of Personal VPN Service Providers. It is a well known fact that hackers quite often sniff public Wi-Fi hotspots and eavesdrop (perform MITM atttack) Internet traffic, and moreover they are capable to collect confidential information from …

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Facial Recognition Technology Enters the Commercial Market


Facial recognition technology is a biometric which uses measurable characteristics of a person’s face to identify them. This technology has been used by governments and law enforcement agencies to find suspects and wanted individuals for several years now. However, the technology has recently become affordable for other business and can …

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Frequently Asked Questions about VPN

(VPN) Virtual Private Network FAQs   What is a virtual private network? A virtual private network is essentially a system that allows two or more private networks to be connected over a publically accessible network, such as the Internet. It usually consists of an encrypted tunnel of some kind, although …

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Using a VPN – Is it Legal or Illegal?

Using a VPN – Is it Legal or Illegal? VPNs have changed the way people use the internet nowadays. They have helped everyday users to arm themselves better against hackers who are constantly trying to force their way in and barge into the comfort zone of their systems. In this …

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