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Cyber Security and VPN related news.

Many Android VPN Services Offer Poor Security: Study

New Danger For Androids Malware Can Erase Data

The majority of android-based VPN applications offer poor security services to their clients, a study has found. According to the findings of the study that was conducted by cyber security researchers from the University of California at Berkeley and the University of New South Wales, a big number of android-based …

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Candid Board Hacked: Data of 180,000 Users Stolen

FBI Tells Congress They Need Hackers to Keep Up

Hackers have managed to hack into the database of the Candid Board, a leading upskirt porn site, and expose the data of more than 180,000 users of the site; it has been reported. The hackers managed to access the database of the site back in September last year and steal …

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China now Bans VPNs in a bid to strengthen the Great Firewall

ABC Fingers China In CyberAttack On Australia

Authorities in China are embarking on what they describe as a massive cleanup of the internet connection service in the country; it has been reported. The ministry of industry and information technology has announced that it is set on carrying out a massive cleanup exercise in a bid to strengthen …

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ProtonMail is now available on the Dark Web, thanks to Tor

New Tor Browser 6.0 Comes Packed With Security Improvements and Updates

ProtonMail, the Swedish provider of encrypted email services, is now available on the dark web via the Tor anonymity service. In a statement, the company said that its users will now be able to access it via the Tor network through a special URL address. The co-founder of the company, …

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WhatsApp’s End-to-End Encryption Not Secure: Experts

A Backdoor Allows Hackers to Access Encrypted WhatsApp Messages

Experts are increasingly warning that users of the popular instant messaging service, WhatsApp, may be getting exposed to hackers when using the service. It has emerged that WhatsApp, which uses a Signal-based form of encryption to encrypt the messages that people send and receive when using the platform, has largely …

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Criminals use Fake Australian Post emails to Target Shoppers

Criminals use Fake Australian Post emails to Target Shoppers

Hackers are using fake emails that appear to have originated from the Australian Post to trick unsuspecting shoppers into clicking on malicious links in a new wave of cyber attacks; it has been reported. By Tuesday, reports started emerging that thousands of people were receiving emails that purported to have …

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