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Gmail App for Android Now Warns About Malicious Senders

Gmail App for Android Now Warns About Malicious Senders

Earlier in the year, Gmail introduced safe browsing on Chrome and the Web Version of Gmail. Now the same is rolling out on the Android and iOS apps. Gmail apps on the two platforms will warn you when you receive emails from suspicious sources. Such sources include links from phishing websites.

Similar to the web version, the Gmail app will replace the profile picture of the sender with a red question mark if the sender cannot be authenticated using the Sender Policy Framework or DKIM. Google claims that this move is to protect customers from scammers and phishing links.

Gmail will also issue a banner warning users of a malicious link and attachments. The first quarter of 2016 recorded the highest number of phishing attacks in history. Cyber-attacks related to emails are common nowadays. Scammers are all over, and emails are their preferred mode of attack. The Gmail updates should have come sooner, although Google is ahead of other email providers.

Google acknowledges that not all unauthenticated senders are scammers and illegitimate. However, it is important for email recipients to be wary of such emails. Chrome web browser also issues warning when you are about to proceed to a malicious site.

The move by Google is likely to affect many email marketers as they send emails via addresses provided by the hosting sites. Such emails may not pass the authentication process, and Gmail is likely to replace the avatars and logos with a red question mark.

Bob Sybydlo, the director of market intelligence and deliverability at Yesmail advises marketers to ensure their email sending platforms correctly authenticate their emails. “The primary methods of authentication are SPF, DMARC and DKIM.” Marketers can determine whether their authentication is correct from their respective platforms.

Google assures that the updates will be live from this weekend. It is in your best interests to update your Gmail app for Android and iOS.

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