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Huawei launches their new service, the Cloud VPN Integration Service

Huawei launches their new service, the Cloud VPN Integration Service

Huawei are launching a new VPN service which it claims will be able to resolve all the problems in the various enterprise leased services which seem to be affecting the telecoms operators. These problems include the slow provisioning of the network, the lack of services and the difficult operation.

The Asian based company says that their new product, the CloudVPN Integration Service Solution will be able to meet all the customized ICT needs which are needed by the enterprise customers. It will also go a long way to improve the enterprise revenue which they would be able to do with various values added services.

Bruce Xun, the vice president of Global Technical Services Department at the company said that most of the operators on the market were looking to carry out their CloudVPN business market for their customers. However, they face some various challenges and there are a lot of them. Xun added that with the added integration of the several value added services, which would mean the combination of the cloud platform, the leased line, and the value added services which would mean the operators would be able to now give the operators one stop CloudVPN for their enterprise customers.

The CloudVPN Integration Service is able to provide some accurate networking planning, and it would also help the carriers to reduce the time for the time to market their new services on the overlay network architecture. The multi vendor ICT resource orchestration would be able to allow the use of the enterprises to use the cloud and network resources on demand. It would also be used in real time, and it means that the service time would be shortened to a few minutes. With the use of the CloudVPN Integration Service, most enterprises would be able to reduce the time from months to just 15 minutes.

The solution will also go a long way to accurately identify the network bandwidth bottlenecks and based on the enterprise service prospects, which would optimize the networks and at the same time ensure some services quality.

During the launch of the service, Huawei also disclosed that they had completed the integration and certification with 20 of its ecosystem partners which include Fortinet, Check Point, Citrix, Red Hat, Riverbed and Infoblox, via its Cloud Open Labs. The company has plans to increase the number of partners from 20 by ten and make it up to 30, at least by the end of the year.

Xun also said that Huawei’s Cloud Open Labs which would give the operators access to some of the third party value added services which already have been put in the program by the partners. The new agile integration capability would also be used to add some new VAS in just seven days onto the CloudVPN Integration Service.

Huawei will also enhance the multi vendor integration tool and they will increase the number of engineers for the development and testing team, and therefore as a result, there will be support for the multi level multi vendor integration tool.

The service, according to schedule is expected to be commercially available by end of the year.

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