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TunnelBear releases new app updates and say it's now 60 percent faster

McAfee Hit the Jackpot by Acquiring the VPN TunnelBear

The whole world is getting ready to receive the last acquisition of the security giant McAfee. The turn is for the Canadian VPN provider called TunnelBear. The success of its services easily attracted the security giant. McAfee wants to demonstrate its full support by assuring that it will integrate TunnelBear´s technology to its VPN product Safe Connect.

The history of both companies

Despite this acquisition, TunnelBear will retain part of its independence to keep developing its own products with its brand. TunnelBear has not had money problems. It was already a five-star company in Canada before joining McAfee. It is logical that its original owners want to continue developing their own products.

On the other hand, the history of McAfee includes that Intel bought it in 2011. However, it became independent again in 2013. Since then, it entered the field of tech-acquisitions. TunnelBear would be its second purchase.

How TunnelBears work

TunnelBear offers monthly paid services starting at $4.99 up to $9.99. They are aimed at desktops and mobile phones. What they do is to protect your data packet from potential intruders. You can also skip restrictions to websites around the world in spite of your location. For instance, if you are located in Latin America, you could access restricted sites in far countries such as the U.S. and even China.

As a VPN provider, TunnelBear has developed a solid reputation. Its policies about privacy are very strict and they show full respect for them. However, the fact that it is located in Canada makes it somehow vulnerable to intelligence services.

With its acquisition by McAfee, it is important to put an eye on the fact that TunnelBear will start to be regulated by U.S. laws. Therefore, if you already are a TunnelBear customer it is imperative that you check any change regarding its privacy policies. You might obtain additional benefits for your privacy because of these changes.

Another good thing about McAfee is that it is one of few companies which have been able to finish a security audit process through a third-party company. It shows how committed they are about its customer´s privacy and security. It would be fair to say that they are a good example for the VPN industry.

VPNs at risk

Although VPN companies might seem beneficial at first sight, they also have their own risks. For instance, a VPN provider can see whatever you access through the Internet. Some reports suggest that some of the VPN providers take advantage of this easy access to treat customer´s data. It would include selling information for advertisement purposes, analysis of browsing habits, and collaboration with local authorities.  Trusting a VPN provider definitively puts you at risk.

Other options to protect your privacy could be oriented to install HTTPS Everywhere. Building your own VPN is a great alternative. This is a better way to guarantee your privacy.

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