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Netflix faces pressure to remove VPN ban from privacy activists

Netflix faces pressure to remove VPN ban from privacy activists

Many Netflix users feel the ongoing VPN ban by the company is unjust, and consumers are showing their resistance. A massive billboard is set to be put in front of the Netflix’s headquarters by privacy activists who feel the ban on VPNs is undermining their security systems. The activists are hoping the company will reverse the VPN ban and respects users privacy.

The move by Netflix to ban VPN use in the streaming service by users who were geographically unable to watch US content was thought to be a way to appease the Hollywood major studios by most analysts. Netflix even increased their efforts in removing people who have been bypassing the ban on VPNs.

Since their bans and blockades, Netflix users who have based anywhere but the US now have difficulties using the streaming service if their VPN is on. It has now become harder for Netflix users to access content from other countries. These measures by Netflix now not only affect the intended users but the fallout is also on the other groups that just merely use the VPNs for security purposes.

It is this broad policy that most activists are up against, and tens of thousands of petitioners signed a petition supported by the OpenMedia group, which is a group that is based on digital rights. The petition is asking for a stop to the VPN crackdown by Netflix. Just a few weeks ago, OpenMedia sent an open letter to the CEO of the streaming service suggesting that the CEO should look for alternative means to stop people from accessing content that is not supposed to be in their countries. The CEO, Reed Hastings did not reply and bow the group is moving with an unmissable message.

A massive mobile billboard has been patrolling the streets in Los Gatos, California. This is where the Netflix headquarters are located, and the billboard is carrying a message which says “We ❤️ Our Privacy,” and then below is a link to the VPN unblocking campaign. OpenMedia is hoping that the clear signal of the billboard will send an actual message and a clear one. The protests are not stopping, and the petition keeps on getting new and new thousands of petitioners each week.

Digital rights specialist at OpenMedia, Laura Tribe, said that at the moment Netflix customers were being forced into choosing between watching their favorite shows or safeguarding their privacy. She stated that the mobile billboard was the group’s way of urging Netflix to change the approach of blocking users from watching unintended content. Especially since the company has an array of options available which would not require them undermining the privacy of almost 80 million innocent subscribers.

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