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Netflix faces pressure to remove VPN ban from privacy activists

No Netflix US: Netflix Blocks VPN Access

Netflix is an excellent online television service. The service offers great television content. Netflix offers two option; Netflix Us and Netflix UK. Unfortunately, you cannot compare the two. That would be the same as trying to compare a smartphone to a feature phone. Now, that Netflix has blocked access to the service via VPN, us from the other side of the world cannot watch Netflix US.

You cannot access Netflix from any VPN. But this should not be a reason not to get a VPN service if you do not have one. A VPN service is important as it allows you to bypass internet censorship by masking your location and allows you to use the internet anonymously. If you value privacy or live in a country with internet censorship, a VPN service is important.

Netflix’s CEO Reed Hastings said that the company does not think that the VPN access restriction will have any impact on the customer base of the service. But I beg to differ. The number of people in Europe, Asia and Australia accessing Netflix via VPN is quite great. For sure a good number of those people will cancel their Netflix subscription since they can no longer access Netflix US via VPN. As mentioned earlier, Netflix UK is an embarrassment to the company.

Open Media, a Digital Rights firm says Netflix is putting users at risk by forcing them to access the site without VPN. According to the digital rights fan, there are better ways to enforce content restriction other than blocking access via VPN. “VPN is a crucial privacy tool.”

Netflix should not go as low as infringing online privacy. If such a huge company stoops so low, what is to prevent similar businesses, like Facebook and Google, from following? Netflix should not be the first company to lead us to the world where using a VPN service is a crime.

The best approach Netflix should take is to make the content universal. If the people from all over the world watch good Netflix content, then no one would raise a finger. Surely, many people would rather pay extra but watch proper Netflix.

Probably, the Netflix decision to restrict access via VPN is due to licensing issues or copyright issues. But then why are these movie executives pretending not to know internet piracy exists. If people do not get the content they want legally, they will turn to the billions of illegal streaming sites or download the content illegally.

Netflix makes things easier; it is affordable and offers great content. Creating international content would result in both happier customers and reduction in piracy. Netflix should be smart enough to know that putting the restriction will only lead to piracy as people will still watch the programs they want.

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