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Report indicates that Facebook will add end-to-end encryption to Messenger service

Report indicates that Facebook will add end-to-end encryption to Messenger service

A new report indicates that Facebook might be planning on also adding end to end encryption on their messaging service, Messenger. The move would see even stronger encryption on the Facebook Messenger system. It is also that the software might come at the expense of the artificial intelligence features that Facebook was going to put on the messaging service.

The new encryption that Facebook plans to put would put communication through the Facebook service even more secure. The feature is reportedly going to be an opt-in feature that users can toggle on or off if they want to connect securely with someone. If the additional news is true, it would be different from what the Facebook-owned, WhatsApp did with the end to end encryption technology which they recently enrolled. WhatsApp made an end to end encryption the default feature on their app.

The report states that there would be a huge difference with Messenger’s encryption because the technology will probably come at the expense of the messaging services new artificial features which were being developed. Some of the affected features would be the bots. The Facebook bots and their relative assistants have been enabled to learn user’s messages so that they can be able to reply even better when requested to. This means that all messages are supposed to be served on the company’s servers, but as we all know the end to end encrypted messages can only be viewed by the sender and the receiver.

When asked for comment, a Facebook spokesperson declined to comment on the report about encryption. This is not the first report that is saying something about Facebook increasing their encryption on the Facebook Messenger service as some earlier reports also indicated that Facebook planned to increase the security because of the encryption battle between Apple and the FBI, which happened earlier this year.

The news comes at a time when most messaging services have been prioritizing the use of end to end encryption on their apps to help people with security and their privacy. Allo, the new Google-owned chatting application also recently revealed that it would put an end to end encryption on the app as an opt-in feature rather than the default option like what WhatsApp had chosen to do. The move was met with some skepticism by analysts, and some cybersecurity experts believe Google has other intentions.

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