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VanishedVPN Expects Popularity Hike With new EPL Season

VanishedVPN Expects Popularity Hike With new EPL Season

VanishedVPN, based in Australia, expects a surge in its customer base as the new EPL seasons kicks off on August 13. It is set to battle EPL provider Optus in Australia by providing the user a cheaper alternative.

The new English Premier League season is all set to kick off on August 13, and like every year, Aussies who follow the sport passionately will be eager to catch their favourite teams and stars in action. However, VanishedVPN could be the biggest winner down under, for they are providing the people in Australia a much cheaper alternative than Optus, the official broadcaster of EPL in the country.

VanishedVPN is an Australia VPN that was established by a British expat living in Australia. He wanted access to BBC iPlayer back home so he initiated this service for fellow expats. Now, that service has grown to some extent as VanishedVPN provide Netflix USA access to Australians as well. However, with Optus having acquired the rights for airing the 2016-17 EPL season, VanishedVPN could become even popular.

This is because Optus offers their service to users for a mandatory subscription of $30 per month, while VanishedVPN will offer streaming service for as little as $2.99 per month for the annual subscription but $7.99 for a monthly subscription.

VanishedVPN will be using Star Sports India for this purpose, for Star Sports is a free-to-use streaming site that functions on the basis of advertisements. Since this initiative would only result in much more customer traffic on Star Sports’ website, according to Phil, the founder of VanishedVPN.

To make his intentions clear, Phil announced that VanishedVPN, in no way, mean to compete against or attack Optus. He said that he simply wants to offer an alternative to those not willing to join Optus.

He says that while Optus’s EPL offering is commendable, it is a little expensive, which is what prompted him to come up with this idea in the first place. Phil also says that he asked fellow expats about this and after receiving considerable support for his idea, has decided to go with it.

Speaking of this being legal, he says that VanishedVPN is quite sure they are doing nothing outside the law. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull clearly stated that the Copyright Act in the country does not make it illegal to use a VPN to access overseas content. Circumventing geo-blocking is not illegal in Australia, making Phil and other members of VanishedVPN quite comfortable with their project.

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