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WordPress encrypts its websites, brings protection to 25 percent of the web

WordPress encrypts its websites, brings protection to 25 percent of the web

One of the most talked about topics of late in the tech world is encryption. The modern world has the web at the center of our lives; therefore, the sense of privacy we used to enjoy is now not as much. Steps have had to be taken to bring it back. WordPress has decided to join the revolt which is popular among tech companies of the world right now, against unwanted tech surveillance.

WordPress is a content management system which is powering 25 percent of the web at the moment. The firm plans to accomplish this action by giving cut free HTTPS to each and every custom domain which is featured on its site. This means it’s not just improved security  it’s aiming for but also higher rankings for its users in Google search results.

“As the EFF points out as part of their Encrypt the Web initiative, strong encryption protects our users in various ways, including defending against surveillance of content and communications, cookie theft, account hijacking, and other web security flaws,” wrote WordPress CTO Barry Abrahamson in a blog post.

He also adds that encrypted sites acting and performing slower in comparison to unencrypted sites was a thing of the past. SPDY and HTTP/2 have managed to improve the speeds of the secured sites, even allowing them to deal better with the heavy loads of traffic.

The company also notes that all WordPress subdomains had been encrypted since 2014, custom domains were not encrypted before, and they were finally getting the same treatment. This would bring them up to par with Internet security standards.

Automatically from now on, the web pages on the company’s website will change to “https/” even if you have typed, “http/” in the address bar. A green lock in the address bar indicates that the site is HTTPS-enabled, which should be able to go into effect immediately. If you are a newbie on the website, WordPress reps say the update would be within minutes.

WordPress recently launched the Let’s Encrypt project, which enabled the company to bring SSL certificates automatically over to “a significant number of domains.”

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